• Aerial view of OCCC Estate, Cornwall Road


Welcome to the consultation website for the proposed renewal of the OCCC Estate on Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London, SE1.

We have now submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Lambeth for the renewal of the OCCC Estate. However, you can still view the final proposals and previous consultation material here and leave your feedback.

The London Borough of Lambeth will now undertake its own consultation on the plans ahead of the application being determined at Planning Committee in the New Year.

Grainger conducted two stages of public consultation explaining the plans and seeking feedback. In November 2015, a public exhibition on the principles and concepts of the OCCC Estate renewal was held. The exhibition was held over two days with separate preview sessions for residents of the estate and community stakeholders. A further exhibition and preview sessions were held in March 2016, presenting the updated proposals for the Estate. An update newsletter, detailing the final proposals was also sent to 1,050 local addresses in September 2016. Grainger has also been engaging with the London Borough of Lambeth and the GLA throughout this process.

In addition to the public consultation, Grainger has been carrying out a full engagement programme with its long-term residents of the OCCC Estate, to discuss the options available to them and to work with them to help shape the proposals.

You can still leave your comments on the proposals through a number of channels:


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