• Elthem House

  • 1-6 Cornwall Flats

  • 1-24 Ospringe House

  • 1-20 Croydon House

  • Charing House

  • Union Jack Club

  • Waterloo East rail viaduct


The OCCC Estate, which forms part of the wider Waterloo Estate, is in the London Borough of Lambeth. It is made up of Ospringe House, Croydon House, Charing House, Cornwall Flats and Ethelm House (often collectively referred to as the OCCC from their initials).

The Estate is located immediately to the east of Cornwall Road and north of The Cut and borders several conservation areas, including Roupell Street to the north and Mitre Road and Ufford Street to the south. Cornwall Road is an ancient way which dates back to the 16th century. The area has a number of uses including small-scale residential, large-scale commercial and heavy transport and tourism.

Grainger’s involvement with the Waterloo Estate began in 2005, when we purchased Ospringe House, Croydon House, Charing House and Cornwall Flats and the wider Waterloo Estatefrom the Church Commissioners. Our partner at that time was Genesis Housing Association.

In 2011, Grainger became the sole owner of the Waterloo Estate. Over this period, we have undertaken renewal and regeneration work at Waterloo and many other Grainger owned estates in London.

Our aim is to bring all of our homes up to a modern standard, while improving the communal areas of our estates, creating better and safer places to live.

The OCCC buildings suffer from the following limitations:

  • No lifts for disabled users
  • A lack of security
  • Poor energy performance
  • Many homes do not have central heating
  • Small homes, with many falling below current space standards
  • A poor relationship with the surrounding neighbours (bus depot and railway).

Additionally, Ethelm House has been derelict for a number of years.


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